Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I have very sneaky friends!!!!!!!!!!

On most Fridays, Lily and I go to a play group with a group of wonderful mom's and their daughters all adopted from China. This past Friday, I offered to host the playgroup at my house, but also extended the invitation to some moms and babes who have just arrived home.

People started showing up, and everyone had a gift bag in their hand.. hmmmm very strange..
I actually thought, "wow, these people are so nice bringing each other welcome home gifts!"
Then little Rachel came, and handed me a bunch of balloons that had "Happy 4th Birthday" on them! I look at them and said, "whose birthday???" Her mom said.. Hanlin's!! Aww, I said to Angela, your a much nicer mother than me!! I didn't even bake a cake for him!!"
She just laughed!

We all went inside and Angela put the cake she cake made on the table! I choked up when I read it! But I still didn't clue in!!!! It took me almost an hour to realize that they had organized an surprise birthday for Hanlin! As I opened the boy toys I started to get overwhelmed, it is so hard not having him here! But I know he is being well loved! His foster family took him to the zoo for his birthday and he liked the monkeys the best! LOL

I am so lucky to have the nicest bunch of friends! Your thoughtfulness was truly overwhelming!


Anonymous said...

Hey Krista,
So sorry that I missed it. I thought of you though.
What a wonderful group of ladies, huh ?
Let me know when the next bash is and I'll be there with bells on and Alycat in tow :)

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Oh that is so sweet!!!

geminirn said...

IT WAS A BLAST,you folks in Fredericton are so fortunite to have such a wonderful group of Mom's and kids.It was a great 4th Birthday party and glad to hear that little master Hanlin had a great day also!

HUGS Dianne and Meaghan

Sheila said...

We had a great time! You moms and kids in Fredericton are awsome and so lucky to have each other! We are looking forward to doing it again soon! So glad Hanlin had a wonderful time at the zoo for his birthday.He is so sweet! Just think he'll be home for sure to celebrate his next one with his beautiful forever family!

Headmeister said...

Hey K! Havent' stopped by in WAAAAY too long! Boy do you have some amazing friends... you are truly blessed!

Just Us Girls said...

Thanks so much for the invite Krista! It was great to meet everyone.
What a bunch of wonderful people you have in your play group.

I have some pics to send you and will in the near future LOL!

Thanks again.. So glad you liked the surprise B-Day Party.. It was FUN! What a handsome little guy he is.

tiffany said...

Ah I am so glad your little man was celebrated both at home and in China on his big day. :)