Saturday, May 17, 2008

Well, CCAA has now asked for a copy of our "1st time around" Dossier. The English and Chinese copies. So in an absolute panic, I ran to the UPS store, got 58 pages copied, only to find out that they cannot get it there till Tuesday!!! ARRRGGGGHHHHHH

Well, as I'm sure most of you know, for every Canadian minute that goes by, it extends Chinese time by a week.
Let me give you an example:
I send Dossier to Ottawa (to our agency) - arrives on Tuesday...... May 20th and say they are actually able to turn it around the same day....
Our agency sends it to CCAA... it arrives ... god only knows.... say 10 days later..May 30th...
See, every minute we waste here... just adds a stupid amount of time in China. Heck, in those 10 days, maybe the reviewer gets caught up with another family's file, and our file sits on her (yes we know it is a her) desk for an extra week. Out of sight out of mind!!!!

Now.. CCAA has to process the new information... send everything to Department #2, where hopefully there will be NO MORE QUESTIONS, but apparently there often is...
we're looking at mid-June before receiving any more news let alone the Letters seeking confirmation and Approval that we need for travel! Well, that sucks if you ask me!!

So in my " I need to figure this out and get this stuff there TODAY!!!!" PANIC / OUTLOUD VENTING IN THE UPS STORE....
the wonderful UPS people had the best solution and it happened to be the cheapest!!! BONUS!!

They suggested that I e-mail the file to our agency, all 58 pages, they scanned it onto their computer, changed it into a .pdf file and sent me an extra copy via e-mail and made me an extra copy of the complete dossier for my files, all for 22.00$$$ AND all in about 15 mins!

Sooo Fantastic!!!!! At least I know that I did everything in my power get all the information they asked for within 5 days!

This week was so so crazy trying to get information, send it, etc.. You would NOT believe my week!

1st was the call from the agency on Monday, wanting a letter from the province with Hanlin's age on it. -DONE- on Monday morning, by the province.

Also they wanted a letter from my Doctor explaining an old surgery. (hysterectomy).
ok, I can't get in to see my doctor till May 22nd!! NOT GOOD.
OBGYN who did the surgery retired last year.. OH OH, NOT GOOD but
New next door neighbor is OBGYN who took over for retired Doc! VERY GOOD!
Have them over for wine on Thursday and Letter was faxed to agency on Friday!

Then on Friday, on a LONG WEEKEND, an e-mail from the agency asking for the old dossier because theirs is in storage!!????????
Copied and E-mailed on Friday!!!!

Whew, can you say efficient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can only hope that the CCAA is working at full efficiency!!


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

A little wine goes a long way! What a crazy process to ask for the old dossier. You'd think the agency would know of such things and have everything ready "just in case." I guess I'm like that, I'd rather give them too much than everything one piece at a time. I feel your frustration. Great job getting it all done so quickly!! Hopefully this will be the end of the craziness...smooth sailing ahead!

geminirn said...


Sheila said...

I'm with you Dianne, I'm beat!! WOW you are amazing!!! Remind me to employ your services if/when we need them!!!Hope after all that you got to kick back and enjoy one of those great bottles of wine from Moncton!!

Chris, Tammy & the gang! said...

Oh Krista...that totally sucks! What is up with needing all this information anyway???? We had to send something ASAP as well and it arrived at CCAA on Monday...I'm with you - let's hope they are working at full efficiency as well!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!!!

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