Thursday, November 6, 2008

ok, ok, I am sooo behind with my posts! Bad Blogger!!

Hanlin received his very first bike recently!!! Thank you Andrea and family!!!
He rides his bike everyday!! EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!! He has really gotten the hang of it, at first he didn't know how to push the peddles, but after an hour of mommy back breaking pushing on the peddles with his feet, he got the hang of it! LOL
(yes he is wearing girls hat and mitts... give me a break...I have 3 might take me a while to break the girl habit!) Hee actually, I do have brown mitts and a sweet hat, but its a bit big for him and falls over his eyes, and when your just learning to ride a bike, you want to have nothing obstructing your view! ...oh and yes, we usually wear a helmet...but this was his first time, and we had 3 people flanking him. (he was very unsteady at first, and still has no idea how to brake! So Abigail would be on one side of him and Isabelle in the front of him to stop him from running into Lily, and I would hold the back of the bike, at the same time turning the peddles!) Now that we need a picture of ! LOL

Every year for Halloween, we put out our big spider in our maple tree and this year, Erica (our neighbor) had the great idea to add a decapitated kid in the web!! LOL
Lily went as a shark (this costume was made by my sister years ago for her son) and Hanlin went as a super hero!! Every house he went to he asked to eat the treat!! (it made for a long night for mommy)!

It is unbelievable the progress this little guy is making. He is speaking English and French and understands mandarin. (although he isn't speaking it.) I always understand what he is saying.
Lily has gotten so much better and has gained some patience with him. She no longer screams whenever he is near, or tries to gouge his eyes out. She is "using her words" more!
What I see between them now is more sibling rivalry stuff. yeah!!!

They both love going to school, and are even making letters!! They both can recognize their written names, and he loves to go around the house finding anything with his name on it! LOL


geminirn said...

WELL IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!Oh just look at that beautiful smile on tha handsome face,he looks thrilled to bits on that bike.

Love the Halloween photos!!

my3 kids said...

So the kids costumes

Krista said...

Hey little Girl
I wanted to put this on your blog but I could not get it to do it ....
any way....
I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to China.
I was so excited to be part of this important step in your families life.
Hanlin is a lucky boy.
It was a once in a lifetime trip for me and I sucked in every second of it!!!!
THANX !!!!

LadyBug Journals said...

Hooray ....he's got it !
Now that look at that a happy boy :)
A stinky old dump bike wouldn't have done it
Great Halloween decorations....
Soon it will be Christmas ...
Yippee !