Monday, November 24, 2008

well, I'm waiting for my chicken to finish cooking, and then I'm off to the gym to pick up the big girls. So while I'm waiting I'll share a little story that happened to me last week.
We went to get our family picture taken to put in the church directory...yeah... I'll wait while you pick yourself off the floor.....
so the pictures were taken, and we were ushered into another room to look at them on the computer to see if there were any we wanted to buy..(NOT), when the girl showing us the pics said to me smiling,
"umm so, are they adopted??"
I replied not smiling ( i wasn't in a very good mood).. "ummm, yeah.."
she then asked "umm, can I ask you why you adopted?"
I replied without a breathe very straight faced "well, we weren't happy with the 2 older ones so we thought we'd try our luck with these 2".
Oh man... you should of seen her face, ohh I love those moments.

How could I not be happy with these 2 fools????


geminirn said...

LMAO!!!!!WAY TO GO GIRL......GREAT ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!

If they were my girls I would be proud too!

Jamie and Angela said...

Hahaha, that was a great answer. Why would a stranger ask a question like that? Some people!

Sampsons said...

That's a great answer, I'll have to remember that.


Just Us Girls said...

LAMO!!!!!!!!!! Great answer Krista...always good to throw rude people off :)

Your two oldest daughters are wonderful~~~~


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Great reply. It's always satisfying when you come up with the answer in the moment and not 10 minutes later!!

Anonymous said...

priceless....just priceless

Sheila said...

and there's one of the many reason s we love ya!!It was great talking today, looking forward to seeing you all soon!
Take Care