Friday, November 21, 2008

So I had the 4 kids at the dentist this week! I had to laugh, as we took up all his examine chairs.
Lily had her first full cleaning, and did great! She was just dying to get to the dentist for some reason. She really likes it there. Hanlin had his teeth counted, no cavities and good enamel.
The older girls also got a great report!

We also brought Hanlin to the pediatrician this week. The doctor just loved him, He has no concerns. We've known this doctor for years, 10 to be exact!
We had a great chat, and I felt great leaving there.
I'll post more about it in a bit, but right now I'm off to shop with Isabelle.


Sampsons said...

Yay! Good checkups at the dentist are always a bonus, and should be celebrated with something sweet! teehee. We're waiting for the IWK dental unit as Wen has a mouthful of cavaties and is still caked with plaque :( N

Just Us Girls said...

Good job!

Great pictures of Lily and Hanlin!


geminirn said...


Just want to let you know that now that I have my side kick back.....Thelma and Louise are considering a road trip.....he he!!