Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is this an addiction??

Oh, on a completely different topic... I saw on someones blog.. (don't ask, can't remember) that they bought a birthday candle from China off E-Bay. I looked for some while we were there, but had no luck. So my question...
Does any one know where I can buy those really neat birthday candles, that look like a flower and even open up once lit?
I didn't see any on E-Bay.


my3 kids said...

Hi Krista,

I had another mom who was travelling to ask our facilitator to get her a couple. She brought one back for us. I am excited to use it on Emma's cake this month. They are so cool and play music. If you hear of how we can purchase more let me know okay.

Ps. Lily is too funny..emma has written on her legs but not her face so far..:)

geminirn said...

LOL!!!!!!Oh my apermanant one at that.....Miss Meag is too busy marking on her table,chairs and the walls to be marking on her!!

Anonymous said...

I could be worse. My teacher told us they used to have markers that smelled like chocolat, ice cream, strawberries and good stuff like that but they got loads of complaints because kids kept eating them. So they changed the smells to stuff like brocoli and spinach.

Just Us Girls said...

LOL! She is quite enjoying herself!!
Kayli always marked herself with a permanant marker..dont know about smelling them tho...hehe


tiffany said...

Sometimes they have them at the kids Chinese school. I will check next time but that is 2 weeks away due to CNY.