Friday, January 9, 2009

I hit the jackpot with these 2 incredible girls!! I can't tell you just how lucky I am and how much I am truly in love with them!
Ok, yes, they are washing my floors in this picture... but I didn't make them!! They volunteered! Can you imagine! Of course, who was I to say no?
Honestly though, they help me out so much! I never have to ask. They are kind, sweet and loving girls!
They help put the little ones to bed, they help with cleaning.. and now once a week, they are making supper and dessert!
This past Wednesday we had Spaghetti and Meatballs that Abigail made and for dessert we had Rocky road brownies by Isabelle!! (I'll have to copy the recipe out for you, they're incredible!! and soo easy and fast!)


Anonymous said...

Abigail, Isabelle! You're making us look bad! Thanks a lot...

cheryl said...

well you know their fav tante Cheryl taught them everything they know!!!
You girls are wonderful.I have seen them in action many times
,,,,hhmmm my floor could use a scrub,,,,what do you say girls??

Jamie and Angela said...

Wow, send them over here!

geminirn said...

What fantastic girls you two should feel ashamed....or I mean proud!!!