Sunday, January 18, 2009

This little guy is growing up soo fast! He has grown about 2 inches!
His language is truly amazing!
The one word were having "problems" with is "noodles". For some reason he thinks meat is called a noodle. So he'll ask for more meat.. he say more noodle..
It's quite cute!
He's also a big thumb sucker! (check out his teeth in the bottom picture). But the dentist said as long as he breaks the habit when his permanent teeth come in, he'll be fine. However, his thumb is taking quite a beating.. I've managed to get him to cut back on the 24 hour/7 days a week thumb sucking, and now he knows his thumb is for bedtime, or quiet time or falling asleep riding in the car. I'm guessing its about 50% less than he was, but this cold cold weather, wet thumb, dry skin.. boy, it looks like a dehydrated prune! I've been loading on the moisturizer, but he'll suck his thumb moisturizer and all... lol


Cheryl said...

OH krista he really has changed
did you cut his hair? it looks different ...mabey just longer
those pics are nice

Just Us Girls said...

He is SO handsome!!!!!!!! Looks like a really happy guy!! his smile :)


geminirn said...

He is soooo handsome,I was thrilled to see you guys on Friday and to see how well ajusted he has become.He and lily look so cute together.

Anonymous said...

Man, the picture on the bottom is adorable, I have to admit!
Oh, can you tell Abigail and Isabelle that the sisters and I finished the Lion King puzzle?
Mercy buckets!

tiffany said...

Oh he is SOOO cute! Bella enjoys her thumb as well and there is this huge...bump thing from her sucking the life out of it. The weird thing is that this started at age 3!