Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lily was a trooper at the dentist on Thursday! They didn't have to use laughing gas or give her "happy juice"!! She was very good, and relaxed and cooperated with everything. They were also excellent at explaining everything to her, in terms a 4.5yr old could understand.
She will need to go back to have 7 more teeth, rebuilt. They don't have cavities yet, but will soon or crumble apart.
The dentist said it is due to malnutrition while she was in China that 1st year. That is when those teeth were developing. We're hoping her permanent teeth will be fine.

While her mouth was frozen, she bite her lip and managed to make it quite fat, and white!! It looks a bit better today.

Then to add to the matter, she and Hanlin were playing yesterday, and had blankets over their heads, while on the couches. She fell off, hit her chin on the floor and now has a huge bruise on the bottom of her chin.
She came out crying that she hurt her chin, but she wasn't really that upset. I gave it a kiss and sent her on her way! (I had no idea they had blankets over their heads running around).



Sampsons said...

Brave girl!!!

Teeth are a touchy subject - i haven't heard of a kid from China that didn't need some serious work. Wen needed work (capping or filling) on 18 of 20 teeth!!! But if that's the least of her health issues... N

geminirn said...

Ouch!! poor baby!!!!!!!!

Fav tante Cheryl said...

way to go Lily
ask Matante Barb about chewing through her lip after a visit to the dentist.
I hope that bruse is gong before her next visit ....they might call CPS.
Love ya C

Anonymous said...

...Ow... that's gotta smart...

LadyBug Journals said...

Hey Krista,
Poor Lily - that looks like it hurt !
Glad to see that she made out at the dentist well.
Aly went a few weeks ago and has two small cavities ( they might be able to be reversed though) and she also has double front teeth that will no doubt have to come out ( then again a girl with 4 front teeth might keep the boys away at 16- might have to rethink this one ...haha).
hope all is well :)