Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well, I thought we had dodged a bullet!!

But... we didn't !!!!!!!!!!

From our first dentist visit with 2 years ago, he told us that her teeth were very weak and brittle, but we've been lucky so far and have no dental issues.. until last night!

We were finishing our supper, (which was lobsters, mussels and steak by the way, yum yum) When she started to say that her tooth hurt. I took a look and thought there was food or a shell stuck between the teeth, but when I tried to floss, the floss would snap in half. After brushing, attempts at flossing etc.. I finally could make out a black mark, under her tooth!!

We headed straight to the dentist this morning, and he confirmed a cavity, between and under the tooth. she just had a cleaning in May, and had a clean bill of teeth!!!
Apparently, her tooth has broken or chipped away over the past 2 months, and has caused a cavity. He tried to get an x-ray to see if there were any more problems hiding, but her mouth is so little that she kept gagging on the film, so they sent us to a specialist. We were so lucky, as they saw us the same day, just 1.5 hours later!! They also tried to take an x-ray, but no luck.

However, this dentist took a good look, and said not only does she need work on that tooth, but also on her 2 upper molars, which are now flaking apart and she'll need work on the other side, but not right away. So on Thursday we are heading back to the specialist, for a filling! UGH!
This dentist has "happy juice" to give to the kids in the waiting room before they go in, but since Lily was so cooperative, that they feel she doesn't need it! So I asked for some for me instead!
The dentist also has Operating privileges, and apparently that is why we were sent to her, that if Lily needs something more involved, she'll be able to arrange it quickly.
So for now, she is taking Advil every 8 hours and is a real trooper! I am lucky, she loves to go to the dentist and is very relaxed there.. lets hope this will continue on Thursday!!

Lily playing "dentist"


Anonymous said...

Aww... poor Lily! At least she's taking it well! (Better then I probably would...)

geminirn said...


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Poor Lily. Lucy's had many fillings now. We too are hoping the teeth coming in now are much stronger than the ones she has now. I was unaware there was a specialist in Fredericton? We had to go to Moncton a couple of times. 6 months wait and drove in a blizzard!