Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ohh, poor Abigail caught the flu on Saturday night! Just as Frank and I were about to go out for a nice evening.

Frank had his coat on, and was going to start the car, when Abigail said, she wasn't feeling great.
I told Frank to head out, and give me a shout in an hour. I figured things would have settled by then, and she probably just had indigestion. She ate a huge supper, her favorite, sweet potato curry and rice!
Well, before Frank could even get out the door, she started to vomit! Oh the poor kid!!
I still sent Frank out to meet up with our friends, not much he could do here, and I took care of Abigail.
She vomited every 10 to 20 mins and by 10pm, I called Frank to come home as she was getting weak and if she needed to be carried back to bed, I couldn't lift her! She was sick every 20 mins till 4am!!
But boy, what a trooper! NEVER, not once did she complain! No moan, no groan, no tears. Even as she was retching so strongly that her little body was lifting off the floor, she didn't complain! WOW! I wouldn't of been so nice! I hate puking, and would make sure everyone knew! LOL
She never had a fever, or chills or aches..
She finally ate yesterday and has gone to school today.

oh.. and Sweet potato curry is no longer her favorite!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Aww... poor Abigail... (And ew.) Tell her I hope she feels better soon!!

Jamie and Angela said...

Oh, poor thing, that is just the worst! Glad she is feeling better.