Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well, I don't think there will be any "Mother of the Year" Award arriving in my mailbox any time soon!!

Lily's molar has been slowly falling apart, and last July we had to fill it. It was a very hard trip to the dentist, and she was slightly traumatized from the whole experience. Although she was a trooper, and didn't require to be drugged, she made sure to tell us that she NEVER wanted to go through that again.
Well, over the weekend, the filling fell out, and the inside of the tooth and the one beside it, was black!!!!
ohh my heart sunk when I saw that. I took her yesterday to the dentist and he said to me, "so she has been saying that she is in pain?" and I said "no". She only mentioned once that her mouth hurt. then he pulled me aside, and showed me the x-ray. OMG... There is an infection all through the 2 teeth right down through the nerves. OUCH
He said, "she should be screaming in pain right now!!"
I said that she has been in a nasty mood lately, but has never complained to me.
She is now on Amoxil, and Advil for 10 days and then he'll try to fix both teeth. He said it is a very big job. OUCH!!

I got her medicated right away, and a few hours later while I was making supper, she was super uber happy and singing, that she loved her family and she came out from the playroom with a little note to mommy and daddy:

She read it to me:
Dear Mommy and Daddy,
I am so sorry for yelling, crying and whining all the time! I feel much better today!
Love Lily

I felt like a heel! She has been giving all of us a run for our money, and we've been very frustrated with her. NO wonder, If I had an infection through 2 teeth I'd be a royal pain too!

Poor thing!


fav tante Cheryl said...

I'M TELLN YA I'M COMING TO GET HER!!!!!!!poor baby.
this from a mother who was told her son has major eardrum scarring from all the ear infections he had as a little boy...I said What ear infections??
OH well we do what we can.

geminirn said...

AWWWW!!!Glad she is on the mend now............hope this is not why miss m is pointing into her open mouth stating she is sick and needs medicine....she LOVES medicine..lol!!

Mammarazzi Madness said...

So glad she is better !!!
Teeth pain is the worst !
Are you all packed for your trip ?

Anonymous said...

Well, like my parents say: "A drugged child is a happy child!!" So true... :)

tiffany said...

Aw poor thing! I have been there and she is a tough cookie to have not been crying in pain. So cute that she wrote a little note and is on the mend. :)