Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"No Chank-chew Elmo" (no thank you Elmo)

July 1st 2006
July 1st 2007

For the past 3 years we've spent the Canada Day weekend at my sister's house. (She has a pool!!) LOL
We always go to the parade, eats lots of cotton candy, then go back to her house for a swim!

(This year's parade was well....pathetic.... a bunch of cars and trucks with the odd flag attached, beeping horns and waving! WTF?? I could of whored up my saturn wagon, shoved my kids in the back and joined the parade!) LOL oh well, the kids got lots of suckers!!
This year, guess who was pulling up the rear of the parade like Santa Claus???? ELMO!! Yup, cause he's sooo Canadian!!!! (again..WTF) Anyway, before I saw the furry red "beast", Lily saw it and started to panic in her stroller and even though she was tightly buckled, she jumped into my arms yelling "ALL DONE!! ALL DONE!! NO CHANK CHEW!!!!!!! Still oblivious to the Elmo beast, I apparently didn't move fast enough and in a split second jumped out of my arms and into my sister's who was standing a little behind me! All the while still shouting..."NO CHANK CHEW...NO TICKLE....NO CHANK CHEW!!!"
We finally saw the red beast and clued into what Lily was freaking about and my sister ran with Lily as far as she could as fast as she could..

Barb said that Lily was trembling with fear, even this far away.. and she kept saying.."No tickle, No tickle"!! We felt so bad!!

Once we got her away from Elmo, she was fine and put on her dancing shoes (aka mini-crocs) and got her groove on!!

Gotta love blue cotton candy!!!!

BTW..She is 1 tooth less now... Barb pulled her loose front tooth out yesterday...
AND gave her 5$...hell the tooth fairy only left her 3$. Cheap SOB! LOL


penny said...

I know when I need a smile that all I have to do is read your blog. Thanks! I enjoyed this one!!

Mama Of 2 said...

hahah ELMO!! Thats hilarious although I do feel bad for poor Lily, she will never be the same now...;)

Looks like you had fun otherwise! Oh and if you got any good pics of us together when you were down could you PLEASE email me some??? I will send you what I have also..
It was good to see you for that quick visit, but it is better then nothing LOL!

See ya!

geminirn said...

POOR LILY...he is a BIG RED BEAST isn't he!!!!!!

ONCE AGAIN LOVE THOSE the way you do have a way with words my

Jamie and Angela said...

Poor Lily, that is too funny!

kris said...

SMART girl. I'd be saying "no chank chew" too...