Tuesday, July 24, 2007



Not too much happening here! Sitting back enjoying my margarita, the sun and the kids!
Everyday is busy, but in a good way!

We went to SJ this weekend for a reunion on my hubby's side. The kids swam, had boat rides, we went on a canoe ride and just had a great time! Even Abigail puking on Saturday night didn't dampen our spirits! She was done tossing her cookies in time for Frank and I to enjoy the campfire with everyone till 2am! (god love her!)

1 person who had a pretty crappy time was Lily!!! Holy Crying Baby Batman!!!
During the day she was alright, being kept busy with all the other kids running around, but come nap or bedtime, whoa....she went into total hysterics!! Screaming and begging to go home, begging me to stay with her, begging her daddy to lie down with her! She was absolutely terrified that we were going to leave. She would start to fall asleep then wake up in a panic checking to see if we were still there. She even asked me to put my PJ's on, knowing that it would mean that I too was going to bed THERE and not leaving. Broke my heart!
I actually had to take her out of there on Friday night at 10:30pm and to my parents house where she seems to be more comfortable. For about an hour after we went to bed at my mom's place, Lily would sit up and put her little face onto on my face and say...I happy mommy...I miss a you mommy...I love you mommy....I love sugar..(our dog, who was staying at my mom's too)..

Poor little peanut!!

But on another note....she has hopped onto the potty bandwagon!! Yipee! She has been going #2 for months now, but the whole pee thing had me completely confused! She can hold her pee for a very very long time. When I say long time I mean hours....dry all night, then not go till 10am!!! So I was finding it hard to "catch" her when she needed to go. She would (and still does) use peeing as a "diversion". In the middle of me scolding her, (for hitting her sisters....or crushing the dog..) she'll shout out.... I PEEING!!!!! Then like a mad women I rush her to the bathroom, where she then says... I no pee!! I NO pee!!! The first hundred times I totally fell for it!!
Now I tell her she is full of baloney and continue my rant!! LOL
I'm going to have to be on my toes with this one!!

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