Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ahhh Living in Cottage country...

Ok, so we don't live ANYWHERE near cottage country, nor do we even own a cottage, hell we're lucky to own a dog house!
But we can have fun with what we do have....

and that's a tree fort!!

This past weekend the kids (that would include my husband) decided to sleep in our tree fort!
3 kids and 1 adult in a small 4x4 fort! (Lily and I slept in the house!!!) You wouldn't catch me out there with all those bugs and raccoons!! Not in this lifetime!!!

They had about 15 s'mores each on the BBQ (yes that's right, the BBQ), (We live downtown, can't have an open fire!)

they danced around outside like maniacs till 11pm all high on sugar,

then Frank told them stories of when he was a little boy at his cottage. (a completely inappropriate story...of driving the motorboat pulling his friends water skiing while they were naked, passing other boaters who were either laughing or shielding the eyes of their children!) Nice Frank!
Then our neighbors came by, and started to cackle and scratch the outside of the fort, which got the girls squealing and laughing...

They finally fell asleep around midnight! What a night!

The "Girls" striking their Charlie's Angels' pose:
Outfitted with everything an "Angel" needs:
flashlight, water and teddy bear!


geminirn said...

Sounds like they had a blast!!!Hey maybe one night i could join you...we could have a dozen or so each of margaritas and sleep in that

Penny said...

You guys are crazy. What fun that must have been. The girls are going to have the best memories to look back on when they're old like us!!

Nikki & Larry said...

Just found your blog and thought I would say HI to a fellow Canadian!

Sounds like you all had some fun. BBQ...smores? Wow you are creative.

Smiles! :o)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

How come I have never 'come across' your site before? You had me laughing one minute in the tree house... hey, I would be up in that tree house eating smores for sure. Sounds like GREAT memories for the kids... then Lily's Baptism... oh and that red thread. I was just sobbing knowing that I still have a few long months to go until it is my turn to get my baby... I will defiantly come back and say hi for sure. Take care... Felicity