Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree is right!! What a time we had chopping down our tree this year!
The kids had a blast, although it was cold, they didn't seem to mind.
We picked 2 trees, one for upstairs (the living room, the fancy tree) and one for downstairs (the playroom, the "kid friendly" tree)! The smaller tree fit into the truck no problem! The larger tree had to be tied to the top of the Envoy.
While Frank tied and secured the tree, the rest of the family went into the cottage at the U-Pick and had hot chocolate and cookies! YUM!
The drive home took about 20mins, driving slowwwww... Well about 18 mins into the drive, Lily starts to scream from the back seat, "TREEE TREEEE TREEEEE IN WINDOW!!!" I take a look the tree has come untied and off the roof and is now hanging down on the side of the truck. We are about 3 mins from home, on a busy busy bridge with loads of traffic, and we can't stop!!
Frank opens the sunroof, grabs the rope, and holds the tree onto the trunk of the tree with one hand and drives with the other, while all the girls scream, (cause that is what we do best in emergency situations!) LOL
We made it home, tree intact, and Lily only slightly scarred! Both are now up and decorated and it smells like Christmas in my house! Gotta love it!


Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

That is a funny story! Ha!

(And I agree with you - Dianjiang girls are beauties!)

geminirn said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!Too friggin funny!!!!ahhh the

The Holidays are always so much friggin fun arn't they???

Debbie and Daron said...

That is absolutely hilarious!!! Sounds like the start of a "Griswald" Christmas. I could hear the screams just as clearly as if I was there. (I'm very familiar with that sound!)
It's what Christmas memories are made of!!


Mom to Kayli and Mya said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats too funny...great shots.

Carrie, Kayli and Mya

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Okay...Dianne stole my comment. I am busting a gut here! Tears are rolling down my cheeks. That is hilarious. And of course, what do you do, while screaming...take pictures!! A girl after my own heart! Too. Funny. LMAO!!

Headmeister said...

I'm just cracking up that you TOOK PICS while it was happening!!! lol!!!

Sorry I've been away for so long, just getting back to blogland after being busy as

Merry Christmas girlie!!!

Debz said...

Too funny! He looks sooooo serious!!! YAY! Daddy saved Christmas!!!