Monday, December 3, 2007

This weeks photo challenge, over at Loving Lydia, was hair! Now you would think that with 3 girls I would be a PRO at doing hair, well, truth be told I'm not. I can braid, do pony tails, curl and french braids (sorta), but that about does it for my hairdressing skills! Thank god the 2 older girls can now do their own hair, but Miss Lily, HATES having her hair done! I have to chase her around with the brush and corner her to get a half a** pony tail in her hair, that only lasts 15 mins! Whew!
So I've decided to not only put up pictures, but also a video that I took this afternoon.

** Because I knew that I would be posting this, and I really didn't need her hair up, I was much *nicer* than usually! I normally wouldn't "ask" if she was going to let me put her hair up.

Her hair is such a challenge! It starts from about the middle of her head, and hangs straight down, all forward. She has no real part, and lots of short hair that is still growing under the longer hair, so you can never get it all in a barrette or a pony tail!

*Hairs* to you!

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geminirn said...

oh now that looks like fun...hehe,you know it wouldn't matter how her hair was she would still be adorable!!!!!!