Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have been reading.....and reading.....and reading.....
Just what have I been reading????

Well, let me name just a few.....
Toddler Adoption, The Weaver's Craft
Understanding Attachment
these 2 books, need to be read at the same time, as each is very "extreme" in their points of view, so if you read them each a little at a time, you can get the "middle of the road" view! LOL
Cross Cultural Adoption

I just finished for book group:
The Other Boleyn Girl
Usually I have another book here but, my second book group choose the same book! Whew!
I read this one soo quick... I really enjoyed it!

My "light reading"
Adoptive Families Magazine

I need something new to read, I've been meaning to pick up Lisa See's Peony in Love.
Has anyone read it?? Recommend it??

So what are YOU reading????


LadyBug Journals said...

I'm reading boring books ....and being tested
I wonder too what people think of the "Peony in Love" ?
Might just have to ask the Easter Bunny to pick me up one on his travels !

Anonymous said...

Tamora Pierce.
Matthew Reilly.
Fiction, fiction, fiction.
My favourite.

Headmeister said...

Girl, you don't leave me a comment like that and then NOT tell me!!!! :)

rudie said...

Read, Martha I don'y know how you do it!!*LOL*

Currently I am reading Raising your spirited child!! and Positive Disipline for the preschooler! Both must reads at our house!

I have read alot of great reviews on Weaver's Craft(but it can be somewhat overwhelming as they can paint the worse case)and Understanding Attachment also is a must read. I will be waiting for your comments on both before I set out to read them.

The B girls had a wonderful time with you all today!! XZ was still talking about it all at 1030pm! Another story of why we were still up, yeap we got some company!!!

Thanks again for a great day!
See you all soon!!

Headmeister said...

OMG Krista!!!! What AMAZING news!!!! I am truly overwhelmed, esp. since I had no clue!!!! I am OVER THE MOON THRILLED FOR YOU!!!! Isn't it amazing how things that are meant to happen just work out soooo easily? :)

Lots of love to you and your family, and congrats on your NEW SON!!!!!!

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

I have just picked up a book for the FIRST time since we returned from China - T is for Trespass - Fiction - brain candy. I do read A LOT of magazines though. Cooks Illustrated, Cooks Country, Photoshop User, Photo Life, Photography you see the trend of the two things I enjoy to do? :)

I see Sheila called you Martha. Does that mean I lost my crown? I can't think of a better person to hand it too. You do 10x more than me in a day!!! And you are about to have 2x as many kids!! I'll be mini martha! LOL!!

rudie said...

Oh No MRS W you guys can share the title!! You both have my domestic skills beat by 100X and I only have one cjild. Actually my domestic skills have increased since we have had her. Bet Clarence is hoping when our second comes they improve even more!! *LOL*

Just Us Girls said...

I am not reading anything good... but I like the sounds of Sheila's book about positive discipline for a pre-schooler... That one I NEED!!!!

Your doing some good re-search, u will be prepared.