Sunday, March 16, 2008

This week we had a visit from Shelia and XZ!! What a great time! The girls played hard from 11:00am till 9pm and got along amazingly!
We also met up with a family from Shelia's travel group. Her daughters are now 7 and 3.5.
We were quite the scene... 3 mom's ...4 daughters... running wild!

When I say they played hard, I mean "they played hard!!!" They barely stopped to eat or drink! They played in the ball pit at the mall, then onto lunch, then shopping with the mom's (actually running around the mall- they put those "mall walkers" to shame!LOL)
We corralled them in carts at Walmart for some down time, (for the moms). Then we headed off to see the Easter Bunny!! Poor Bunny had no idea what hit him(or her??)!! LOL
4 little chinese girls running straight at him!! Jumping and waving, and hugging!! I think I saw a couple of little nuggets "behind" the bunny after they left! LOL
Well, each girl had their moment with the bunny and each left with a lollipop (or in 1 case 6)! Then it was off to Starbucks for a mommy pick me up, then we headed home to get supper ready, as Shelia and XZ were coming over!
As soon as XZ walked into our house, (coat still on) Lily was jumping up and down, and ran into her arms and gave her a big hug!! It brought tears to my eyes! She was soo happy to see her!
Those 2 played all evening while the mommies enjoyed a glass (or 2) of wine.
When Lily woke up the next morning, she had a "playdate hangover". It was so funny! I was already downstairs (in my housecoat)(Nice mental picture eh?) making lunches for the big girls, and she came into the kitchen, with her hair looking like a rat's nest, her special blankets over her shoulders, eyes puffy, and with a slur said to me "Mommy?? did you go to bed yet??" It brought me back to those University days, when you woke up thinking, "Whoa... whatta night! Is it morning? and where's my coffee"?

It was great! I can't wait to see you two again soon!!! FRIDAY When D comes home with Meaghan!!!

BEFORE... notice 2 ponytails, clean face...

AFTER....notice....1 ponytail....and dirty faces!! LOL


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Looks like fun. A marathon play date. Don't think Lucy or I would have been able to keep up. LOL!! There are days when I tell David we should move to Freddy Beach. Maybe some day!!

Just Us Girls said...

Awesome pictures Krista!!!! Sure sounds like you ALL had a blast... but I know how they can wear a person out LOL!

It is wonderful how Lily and XZ get along... They are both such loving girls.

Thanks for sharing

rudie said...

Whats that song was'nt that a party? We had a great time with you and your family!Thanks so much for the great hospitality,(ABOVE AND BEYOND*LOL*, the wonderful meal(and wine) and conversation. XZ had a blast with Lily ,as you can tell by the pictures!!
Your story made me laugh so hard , and also made me cry. Life has been wonderful since we have brought our princess home, not only do we have our beautiful daughter we waited for, but so many great friends have also been brought into our lives since her homecoming!!

See you FRIDAY!!!
Could you send me the name of that wine!!*LOL* Please!

LadyBug Journals said...

Hey ...I see in Diane's page that your file is on it's way to China ...
Woo Hoo !
Congrats ....

Chris, Tammy & the gang! said...

Hi Krista,
Sorry I am posting this message to your blog but I can't find your email address.

Thanks for your encouraging message on my blog...I know you understand exactly how I feel!!

As for Blessed Kids...I just received an email from them and before the orphanage will give new pictures and updates on our little Evan they need our approval letter from CCAA to prove we are actually adopting him. So, we haven't received that yet so they can't get any updates for us yet.

But, sending a care package is different so I'm sure they could send one for you. Our agency (FOI) sent one to Evan for us and this was before our dossier even arrived at CCAA.

Let me know how it goes!!!! Any word on if you might travel BEFORE the Olympics???

Take care and thanks for those internet hugs :-)