Sunday, March 30, 2008

So, I wasn't sick..... Just in case you were worried!! LOL Just tired!!
Nothing like a little wine, and a good night's rest to make it all better!

We've been SWAMPED this week/end. The girls had a gymnastics comp and I volunteered to man the judges room all weekend. So needless to say, I'm (again) tired and cold tonight!
The girls did marvelous! Abigail came in 2nd overall and made the NB Team again, and Isabelle (who is still too young to make Team NB), did well and is quite proud of herself! Actually, I lie, she doesn't give a rat's ass how she did!! She had fun she said! She wanted 1 medal, because it was cool, (made of glass) that was it...she got it... LMAO You gotta love her, water off a ducks back!
BUT.... she did get the sportsmanship award.... Is that like the Miss Congeniality Award in a beauty pageant?? because but we all know that Miss Congeniality never wins "the crown"??
Only kidding....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She soooo Rocks!! She has talent..amazing talent ... that sadly didn't come from me!!

If I was a good mother..I would of taken pictures!! BUT instead I was trying to get my kids good scores by way of the judges belly!! LOL
I think Frank did some video, I hope anyway..


geminirn said...

Glad all went well,you have adorable,sweet,polite girls,you should be very the way GREAT JOB girls!!!!!Take soon.

Sheila said...

XZ and I had great time watching Abigail on Friday and it was fun watching proud mom right in her element too!

Take Care