Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here are some of the tiles that will be used as accents on my back splash in my kitchen. The bottom right picture is a mosaic that Frank did for the apartment for the entry way. I really like it and would like to do a similar thing on the back splash behind my stove.
I like that the "plum tree" has plums, one for each child.
But I'm not sure the mosaic "tree" would match the rest of the tiles. I do want a mosaic pattern there, maybe I should just re-create one of the tiles? But I want to have something almost hidden, that represents the 4 children.
Any suggestions??

Here a picture of the tiles. They are Terra Cotta 12x12 on the counter, and 6x6 on the back splash. Here we laid the back splash down on the counter for the photo.

This is a picture of the edging of my under mount sink. It is about 16 of those tiles long.

Here is a mess of tiles, laid out trying to figure what the heck I'm going to do with them.
I like those Cocopelli guys, but not sure I'll use them.


geminirn said...

FINALLY!!!I have been hitting refresh since yesterday waiting for the photos.....LOVE IT!!!!!Those tiles are beautiful,can't wait to see it all together.

Anonymous said...

oh wow look at you!!!! Those are beautiful!! So Frankie has more talent than a circus man, holy cow nice mosaic!! So I may be coming home for a quick visit end of July and would love to see you guys again :) big hugs, Erin