Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This is what I found out today:

Yes, as far as we know, our file is still in Department#1 (our agency isn't notified when it moves from #1 to #2).

Once it moves to Dept #2, it can be there from 4 to 6 weeks, then our Letter seeking Confirmation is issued. We sign it, the province and our agency does something to it, then back to CCAA. Again another 4 to 6 weeks.
From there our Travel Approval will be sent, and we can travel a few weeks after that.

So.........will be TRAVELING in late September/ early October. If we count the weeks, (guessing weeks of course..) it would be October 1st, but we all know how the CCAA works.

The "high" season is over October 15, so Frank would like to travel October 16th! LOL

I know this isn't huge news... but for us it is a huge relief to be able to stay, "no not this summer, early fall for sure" when people ask. Now if CCAA need more paper work, I don't have to run like a mad woman getting it to Ontario, now we can "make plans" with the kids, check out places we want to visit with the kids while in china, do a count-down, save money, send another care package.....
and just generally.......breathe...............

On another note, no new pics of the kitchen yet, as they are working on the plumbing today, and those pics are quite boring. (and my dad told me to stop taking so many pictures!!LMAO) He said it might capture one of his mistakes! ;)


Sheila said...

Fall certainly is going to be wonderful this year!!

geminirn said...

OH Sheila I second that.......there is soooo much to look forward it Fall yet??????

Jamie and Angela said...

Sorry that we (oh, I meant you lol) have to wait until fall, but it's nice that there's no more uncertainty about dates and now you can relax and enjoy your summer!