Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SO.............. I think I will be awarded with the "Bad Mother of the Year"!!

All last week, Frank and I kept saying that lily sounded stuffed up, like she had a cold. She would even whistle through her nose! LOL
I tried to blow it, pick it, clean it, but to no avail. She still whistled!
She kept telling me that she "had a beetle in her nose", and I kept saying, "no you don't"!!

Finally on Thursday, we were out to lunch with her teacher and her daughter, and the daughter started to laugh and said , "look Lily put a rock in her nose!" I took a look and there was a bead, just at the entry of her nose.
I easily took it out and then gave the "Don't ever put things in your nose" danger speech.
The next day, in the truck, I could still hear her "whistling" 2 rows back! Then it dawn on me, she put 1 in there....maybe.......
well, I took out the flashlight, and after some cleaning, way way way up her nose, just on the verge of dropping into the sinus cavity, was a BIG CLEAR BEAD!
There was no way she could of blown this thing out, it was stuck!! All you could see was the little hole were the thread goes, and that is why she was whistling.
Even the Emergency room doctor didn't see it at first. After waiting 6 hours, with no supper, no nap, DVD out of batteries and now bedtime, she was so good for them! She just laid there, not moving a muscle, with her gluckie over her eyes, and with a tug, they were able to pull it out!
What a day!!! Not one that I want to relive any time soon!!! I still can't believe that she had a bead up there for 1 week! Yup, Bad Mother of the Year award!! Should arrive anytime!


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

I don't know if that's award winning but it definitely gets you a nomination. LOL. I hear competition is pretty stiff. David has suggested I get nominated a few times. At least I know I'm in good company.

Sheila said...

Well my friend, looking at Miss Lily's smiles no long term damage was done!The mosaic looks awesome, can't wait to see the kitchen soon!!
Take Care

geminirn said...

tsk! tsk!!!!!It can happen very easily,so I'm not going to be one of those nasty ER nurses and say....."AND WHAT WERE YOU DOING WHILE YOUR KID WAS PLACEING THOSE IN HER NOSE"????,just teasing I know you are a very good momma.

Chris, Tammy & the gang! said...

Hi Krista,
I feel so out of the loop - it's feels like ages since I checked blogs and felt part of the "real world"! How are things going with your "Letter" - is it coming???

Also, not a great way to start summer vacation! I can't believe she had a bead up her nose all that time! Oh my goodness!

Talk soon,