Thursday, October 16, 2008

Abigail is soo terrific with the little ones! She'll play with them, hours at a time! She really knows how to keep them entertained.
she comes up with all sorts of games for them to do. Yesterday she played in the leaves for a good hour with them. Letting them throw leaves on her or she would rake all the leaves in a big pile over and over again so the little ones could jump in it!
Tonight, she and Isabelle taught them little "dance moves" and came out to doing little dance routines all 4 of them in a line!
When we were in China, all the little ones would flock to her, be it on the bus or on a tour!
She is one special girl!!


geminirn said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!Both yourbig girls are absolutely wonderful with little ones,as I have said before you both should feel very proud.

Jamie and Angela said...

What a nice post. Your girls are great big sisters. They will be wonderful moms someday. Hmm, wonder who they learned that from? :)