Monday, October 6, 2008

Alright.... I know I am supposed to be updating more often... I have no excuse!
I like to post my pictures using Fotofusion, but since I have been away from it for a while, it is taking me longer to get used to using it again!
So here is a quick page of Lily playing in what was supposed to be "hurricane Kyle"..yeah right....
Both kids were soaked to the bones, but had a blast! I don't think Hanlin was too sure what t o do at first, but quickly got the hang of it! LOL

On another note... Hanlin started preschool today with Lily! Last week Lily started back on her own first. For a couple of reasons..
1. I think she needed a little "space" from her brother!
2. I wanted her to be comfortable in the preschool on her own before starting Hanlin.

So Mon, Wed and Fri last week, I took Lily, (with Hanlin tagging along of course), he watched as I dropped her off, got her settled in the school, even stayed for the morning song once. Then he and I would come back home, or run some errands, then back in 2.5 hours to get Lily.
He watched as she came out smiling and running to me, or as she played in the play ground.
But he always stayed close to me, not wanting to join in quite yet....but you could see the curiosity in his eyes.
On Sunday, I took him to the Chinese school to have someone translate what would be happening today. He seemed to understand and smiled when she told him about school and playing and painting...
So when it was his turn today to go to the school, with HIS backpack filled with his snack.. he was very excited!!
He ran into the school, without looking back!! I had to run after both of them for a kiss goodbye!! LOL
WOW, I didn't think it would be so easy!! I managed to get in a full grocery order, coffee and a muffin and even Lily's b-day present! Perfect!

Although my day didn't start soo perfect! I locked my keys in the truck at some point last night, and didn't notice till we were leaving for preschool. So... a tow truck, a lock jimmy/shimmy thing and a $45.20 receipt made out to Krista "dumb ass" D... and we were on our way! grrrrrrr


Sampsons said...

yes that looks like FUN!


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Time!! :) Love the apple picking pictures. A beautiful family!