Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tuesday was Lily's 4th birthday, however, she was a real grump all day and I flat our refused to celebrate her birthday with such a grump!! So instead, we celebrated yesterday, when she was in a much better mood. Anyway, it all worked out as Wednesday fell between her birthday and her Forever Family day (today) and plus, the older girls didn't have gym.
So Hanlin and Lily helped me bake her cake! They had a ball, and got to lick the bowl and beater! A first for Hanlin I'm sure! He didn't quite understand at first, but quickly got the hang of it after watching Lily for about 2 seconds! lol Then he kept asking for more batter!!

Lily was soo excited for her presents! Her reaction to each one was a riot! She gasped, roared, and just laughed out loud!!

Hanlin has been getting better and better at using a fork and spoon. Yes, he has moved up from just a spoon! But sometimes with things he is unfamiliar with or if he forgets he is holding a utensil in his hand, he'll regress and use his ...mouth... here's a little example!


Sampsons said...

Happy Birthday to Lily!!! Wen eats from the bowl as well. Sigh. I'm glad you guys had a good bday celebration! N

Jamie and Angela said...

Happy Birthday Lily! What awesome pictures, my goodness those two are the cutest things!

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Lily!

Just Us Girls said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!!!!!!!!!!

Great pictures Krista! LOL! What two cuties!!!


geminirn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!!!!!!Hope you had a great day!!!!
Krista those two are just adorable together!

Kendra Stiles said...

Happy Birthday Lily!

Sheila said...

The Blanchard's

Leslie said...

Hi Krista, First off, I LOVE your photo collages. your children are beautiful! I am just laughing about your comment on our blog. I can't believe I captured your DH in the background of our parting hotel shot! LOL! I only wish we would have met in China. Yes, it is a small blog world!
:) Leslie

my3 kids said...

happy birthday sweet Lily. HOpe you had a fun day. Hugs