Friday, October 24, 2008

Dearest Krista,

In January when I had marked all the dates on my calendar, in small print I had printed your Mom’s name above the 24th because I didn’t want to let the date slip by and not let you know that I think of your Mom often and when I do I most always have a smile because she could make me laugh and I so love to laugh- you do that for me too!!

Your Mom lives on in our hearts- a lady of strength …yet a lady of gentleness.

I bet she watched over her girls while in China and was pleased to see the three of you share such an awesome experience.

Just know I am thinking of you – and all who were so near and dear to Abby Loiser

Love Louise


Sampsons said...

hugs. N

Kris McG said...


Just Us Girls said...

Dear Krista and Family! I am sending hug from my house to yours. Your in my thoughts!!


geminirn said...

Oh Krista how thoughtful of was beautiful.


Kendra Stiles said...

what a nice note to receive, your mom sounds like she truly was a great lady...thinking about you.