Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

This Christmas had to be the most relaxed one ever!!! This was our first Christmas without travel!! YIPEEE!! My dad came here instead and we enjoyed wine, food and great visits from friends! We relaxed, played, laughed and acted silly!!!

Isabelle has been spending all her time, behind my camera! So I no pictures of her! But she has taken the nicest pictures! (She gets her this natural talent from me!) cough cough....
I had thought my camera lens was dirty, because all my shots were blurry.. but when she takes them, they are crisp and clear... then I realized... NOOOOOOOO
It's MY EYES!!! I'm getting old!!!!!

Our christmas tradition is to leave Santa a Guinness, since at our house Santa is allergic to milk.

I baked some yummy thumbprint cookies... these are right before I baked them, they don't even have jam in them yet, I would have taken a picture fresh from the oven, but they got eaten right away.


Anonymous said...

KITTENS!!! They are sooo cute!!! Rescue kittens are the best, cause they become so loving and happy! I hope Ginger and Georgia love their new home!

geminirn said...

Oh Krista,what beautiful pictures of such a beautiful family,glad you all had such a wonderful Christmas.

Mike H said...

Hey if Santa gets Guiness!! Remind me to play Santa at your house!! Or I'm sure Jake will too!!