Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas tree


Yup, you guessed it! Just 2 hours after the tree went up...
down it came...crashing...down!!!!!
That poor snowman had a smile on his face when we hung him up!

All in all we didn't loose too many ornaments, lots of cheap ones, but I did loose 3 that were special to me.
1 from Arizona that I had gotten while visitng my sister a few years ago. (but I did buy 3 so I have 2 more on the tree)
Then this little "Santa's little helper" martini glass from Lu. We exchange ornaments every year and this one is from last year.
I loved it!
And lastly, this one I got from another adoptive parent, on Lily's first Christmas. It wasn't dated, so maybe I can replace it from China sprout, they have beautiful ornaments.

What a night that was! Isabelle had her Spectacle de Noel, which she did a cart wheel at the beginning then, stayed at the back of Santa's workshop building Lego! lol
So, as I'm lying in bed, at 10:30pm and Frank is working on the computer downstairs, we both her "jingle jingle" and we both know it's too early for Santa!
We arrive in the livingroom at the same time, with decorations all over the floor, smashed!!
Oh, did I mention that I was in bed sick?? oh yeah, to add to the chaos, I caught myself a nasty hacking cough and sore throat!
The last place either one of us wanted to be was cleaning up that mess!
We were lucky though, not too many broke and we've since tied the tree!
Here's some pictures of the kids decorating the tree,just hours before it fell!!


Mammarazzi Madness said...

Sorry to hear about the ornaments. I lost my glass one from China sprout this year too. Hung it up every Christmas til Alyana came.
The kids look adorable !
Hope you are enjoying the season my friend :)

geminirn said...

Oh crap what a pisser,sorry you lost a few the pictures of the kids though.

Anonymous said...

OH Crap. I don't think we ever had a tree try to kill itself. Even with the boys tearing around it.
...Where is my Isabella