Sunday, December 6, 2009

We had a fun (aka very long and tiring) weekend with a gymnastics competition here in town.
Both girls competed Saturday back to back, starting at 8:30am then the next at 11:30am, straight through till 2:30pm! I competed in the "How long can a parent sit on those killer bleachers" event! I took 1st place! (as I don't think any other parent is that stupid to sit on those bleachers as long as I had too.)
The girls did wonderful! (they have my genes, cough cough) They each placed 1st overall!
Isabelle placed 2nd on beam and vault and 4th on bars and 5th on floor and Abigail placed 7th on vault, 3rd on bars, and beam and 2nd on floor, or something like that, she can't remember. lol
Here are some pictures of the day! I overexposed a bunch of them (duh), so they're not as nice as I would of liked. I think the injury that I got while competing in the bleacher event made my mind a bit foggy.


Floor (pic is grainy, and overexposed..)grrrr

Beam (these were black till I lighten them, but they are so grainy)
Bars (yes, she is flipping in the air off of the bars!) Yikes!





it looks like she is going to land on her head! But she is in the middle of a flippy thing.


She went from running into the vault last year.. to this year placing 2nd! YEAH!
Anything is better than smacking into a hard vault!


geminirn said...

WAY TO GO GIRLS........SOUNDS LIKE YOU BOTH DID FANTASTIC!!!! Some of those photos are a bit scary....yikes to think that could be my little gymnist flying through the air like that some!

Kendra Stiles said...

Congrats to both girls!!! They are both just too beautiful for words!!!

Brenda said...


I am still waiting for my cookie. LOL.

kat said...
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