Sunday, December 27, 2009

The girls have said that this is the best Christmas EVER!!!
I wonder if it has anything to do with these 2 little christmas presents they got....??

Meet Georgia

and Ginger

Geez, I thought stopping the big girls from fighting was tough... Look at them fight! It is so fun to watch them.

They are 3 months old and are rescue kittens. Each from a different litter, both lost thier mother early, one mom died, and the other got spooked and abondoned her litter. Both litters were from a feral colony and a wonderful foster family took the 7 kitten into thier home and bottle fed them. They are sweet kittens, but need to be socialized. They are getting more and more social every day and now, after 48 hours, are running around the house,( I can hear the pitter-patter of little paws upstairs) trying to attack our dog, and they cuddle with us at bedtime. Ginger would almost never purr, and she is now purring and is relaxed when we hold her. She is also the trouble maker of the two, getting into everything, even the dog food!!

The girls had no idea that we were plannng on giving them kittens and we so excited Christmas morning (afternoon actually). I had a friend babysit them overnight and them came for a visit Christmas Day, but first she put the kittens in my front porch.
Once we were sitting, I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten a gift for the girls, and gave them each a bag. It was filled with cat toys. They thought it was for Bear, (our other older cat) but then I walked in with a kitten in each arm, and said, maybe these toys go with these??
They almost died! Abigail didn't now what to do except cry! Then I cried! Isabelle kept saying, are we babysitting them????
It was very sweet and we're so happy to have them.


Sampsons said...

TOO freakin' CUTE! A great surprize! Congrats on the new family members... N

Kris said...

what an AWESOME gift!!! weird i was JUST thinking today about maybe... MAYBE getting a cat for ellis for her bday. maybe next bday, i don't think i'm ready yet!

they are adorable.