Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Abigail and I made this incredible cake last summer for Isabelle's birthday!
It turned out perfectly!!
I mean, like something out a magazine!

It was so good!

So we decided to try to make it again this week!!
We made the Lemon Curd first and let it sit overnight in the fridge! Tasted Fantastic!
We made the cake the next night and let that sit in the fridge to cool. Looked Fantastic!
We made the Seven Minute Frosting. Looked and Tasted Fantastic!
We perfectly and evenly cut the cake into 4 layers!
We're Fantastic!

Umm..ok, so maybe we
got a little cocky..

We assembled the cake, 1 cup of curd then a layer of cake, another cup of curd.. another layer...etc.. Finally we added the frosting to the top and as we were spreading it out, the cake started to have a catastrophic event!
It started to break apart in different sections, on different layers, big chunks of cake like fell like calving glaciers!

We all started to scream, yelling at Isabelle (who was in bed) to help as Frank, myself and Abigail since we all had our hands in the cake trying desperately to hold it together!
oh yeah.. did I mention that it was 9:30pm on a Tuesday night - school night?? When we're supposed to be all in bed??
(lucky for them they have tomorrow off for parent teacher interviews!)

It was a loosing battle, and I said just grab plates and put chunks of cake on it!
It broke into 4 huge slices, (hmm..4 people...4 slices..coincident??)

We were all covered in frosting and lemon curd and laughing like fools!

I put the cake in the fridge to try to salvage what I could.
Hoping that it would start to chill and hold together.
Darn thing started to slide right off the cake platter! URGH!!

We had no choice...
We cut the rest of the cake in half and put it into 2 large bowls and made:




Real fav tante Cheryl said...

HAHA to funny those are the best times!!!You will remember that cake always....like toms "fuzzy cake"

Jamie and Angela said...

Hehe! Sorry about your caketastrophe! Bet it still tasted divine, though. I had to make that cake last year after you posted it on your blog. At least I think it was the same cake, forget where I found the recipe but it sounded like the same thing. It was delicious!

Brenda said...

That is soooo funny. Well maybe you are not Betty Crocker, her cake would have been perfect.LOL!!!!!!

Oh did did Prinecess Isabelle have her crown on. I look forward to seeing her this weekend!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's funny but I bet it tasted wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tiffany said...

Yum, still looks delish to me! :)

Zack's Qwest Email said...

So funny!

Moya said...

I was laughing just reading this! It will be one of those stories the girls share as they grow!