Monday, April 5, 2010


We were having supper the other night, and Hanlin devoured his.. very quickly without taking a breathe... and asked for seconds by grunting and pointing.. after reminding him of his manners.. I got up to get a second plate of food..
(Chicken Souvlaki, Persian Rice, Greek Salad and homemade pita! YUM) ( Took 2 of us all day to cook, but soo worth it!)
anyway, as I was getting his food, I hear Isabelle ask him.. Are you OK?... What's Wrong??
I turn around to find him holding his hand to his mouth with huge eyes! I grabbed a bucket.. (yeah, that is where my mind goes with 4 kids.. puke...) but he was still pointing for seconds..ok, so no puke!! whew!
So I stood beside him and watched for 15 seconds.. assessing..he made a little gurgle.. and gasp with surprise.. and I realized what was happening and brust out laughing!!
I said to him.."Hanlin.. you have the HICCUPS!".. "Watch... relax"....hiccup "see a hiccup!
I love having them! They're fun and they won't hurt you!"
How can some one not ever have the hiccups in 5.5years??
He relaxed and enjoyed his first case of the Hiccups! and his second plate of food.. which went into a third plate.. oh god.. the grocery bill we'll have when he's a teenager!!! OUCH!


tiffany said...

Oh my goodness that meal sounds soooo delicious!! And cutie pie with hiccups. :)

Anonymous said...

His first case of hiccups? Cute! And... did you guys get another dog?

Anonymous said...

so cute! He is so handsome and what an appetite...Mya is the same way lol