Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend fun!

We were off to PEI for the Atlantic Gymnastic Championships this past weekend.
The big girls travel with the team, there and back. So we didn't have to worry about them. Frank and I decided to take the two little ones with us and make a mini vacation out of it.
We left Fredericton at 8:30pm Thursday night, after some last minute craziness. Frank worked a full day, I had left the little ones playing outside while I got the truck packed and the girls ready for thier trip. They played hard and had tons of fun! I would throw food at them every so often and by the time Frank came home, they looked like 2 feral animals, with dirt streaked faces, black nails, and dusty pants, with HUGE smiles on thier faces!!
Frank gave them a quick soak, while I finished packing the truck and we headed out for supper on the road! By this point we had decided to leave late enough that they would fall asleep for the full 3 hour drive!!
Hanlin wasn't too bad.. he feel asleep about 1 hour into the ride.. (this from a kid who can't stay awake when we drive to the store 5 mins away)
Lily stayed awake for hours...falling asleep after 10pm! She told us she was listening to the radio with us (cbc "Q").
We arrived close to midnight, and both kids were now wide awake!
I'm not sure if the hotel staff felt sorry for us....
dragging in at midnight with 2 bright eyed kids asking for directions to the pool, a load of luggage that would put most celebraties to shame, a dog tired from being in her doggie seat belt for 3 hours and wanting to run around and 2 tired parents, dragging feet and crossed eyed holding a Venti coffee each now cold LOL
But the wonderful staff at the Rodd Charlottetown took one look and bumped us up to a suite!!
(thinking about it now.. maybe they just wanted us as far from the other patrons as possible!)

It was gorgeous, the kids had thier own room!! Halle-flipping-lujah!!
Each morning we had marvelous breakfast, then we would run out to watch gymnastics, then run back in time for the little ones to swim for hours! We walked all around downtown, picking up treats (candies and goodies for them and wine for us ;) ) We dined at a sweet little Thai spot.. Mmmm bubble tea..and got in even more swimming! We would sit in the room and read magazines and do a little work and even planned our summer vacation!
Saturday night the little ones had popcorn and a movie for supper (I said this was a vacation) and were off to bed before 8pm! Frank and I decided that we were hungier for something more than popcorn and we ordered room service!
Something we never do!
Man it was amazing! If I could of kissed the cook I would of!
Crispy Duck with a Blueberry Port Reduction and Beef Tenderloin with 5 Onion Marmalade
both cooked to a perfect medium rare... with roasted asparagus, squash, beets...and a bottle of Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Cono Sur... OH YUM!!
Then to be able to leave all the dirty dishes outside the door and then have the "magic dirty dish fairy" take them away!
Whoa.. a little bit a heaven...

Here's a view into our weekend...

A little bit of gymnastics:

A little bit of swimming:

A little bit of Gracie's Room work:

A little more gymnastics:

A little bit of work for Frank: (aka fun for Frank)
A little more swimming:

A little bit of good food:

A little bit of good wine: (ok, more than just a little bit..)
A lot of rest, fun and relaxation:

While visions of swimming and popcorn danced in thier heads:

and the dog got the best bed in the place!!


Mammarazzi Madness said...

the perfect weekend .....
Hope all is well :)

Brenda said...

YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!! Vacation with kids to a gymnastic competition....You are a better mom then me....When I here "gymnastic competition in a different town" I run (or drive) real fast and hope that the only kids in my car are the ones competing !!!!!!! LOL !!!!

Oh right that the next trip!!!!!! And even better we don't have to travel with the gymnasts competing!!!!

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

If you liked that, try the cono sur pinot noir. I got a great recipe for a reduction sauce that goes on salmon....*sigh* hungry now.

You're a wonderful Mom. All I'd be doing is thinking of all the things that could go wrong. You just jump in, do it and enjoy it. Kudos to you! I am trying to learn to be more that way!!

geminirn said...

Now that sounds like the perfect weekend my dear!love the photos,hope the big girls faired well?
can't wait for school to be out...Thelma and louise are already planning a road trip to you.

Moya said...

look at you doing GR work on vacation!!! go girl!