Monday, April 19, 2010

Lily and her teeth!

Not sure if you remember this post....back in February..

But once again, Lily's teeth have been bothering her! After she finished her antibiotics last time, she had to have 2 root canals (pulpectomy). It was horrible, she was very good until close to the end of the appointment. The freezing didn't really take, because she had such a bad infection and she started to scream towards the end!! It is not something I want to ever put her through again.

When I got home from China, she told her teeth hurt. I thought they might still be tender from all the work she had done.. I watched her for a few days, her eating, behaviour.. and it didn't seem to change. I thought if her teeth hurt, she would be uncomfortable eating.
About a week after I got home, she came into my room at midnight (something she never does) complaining about her teeth. Frank went to get the Advil and I felt along her gum line...
OMG she had a huge abscess on the side of the last molar! HUGE
First thing in the morning, I called the dentist (at home) (It was Easter Weekend)!! and immediately got her on a strong antibiotic!
We went in to see him on the following Tuesday, and he referred us to another dentist that has Nitrous Oxide in his office.
Last Thursday, I got a call that the office had a cancellation and could bring her in that afternoon...I had to fast her for 3 hours, but I had already fed her breakfast, and sent her to school!
I took off for the school, grabbed her and took her to Star*Bucks.. (what did you expect.. go home and sit and think about the pain that was about to happen..NOT)!
We sat and had coffee and steamers and yogurt then started her fast. We talked about what was going to happen, about the mask on her nose, the gas and feeling funny.. (I had yet to tell her about the procedure as they had given me an appt for late in May..).

I'm so glad I did that, as we talked for a good hour, about all sorts of weird and funny "lily" things.. like.. "mommy, why do you take your boobies off"? and "Where do babies come from?" (ok, so we got off topic a bit)
Anyway, by the time we got to the dentist, she was calm and ready to go.. I on the other hand was nervous and starving!
The dentist started right away with the mask on her nose, and at first she tried to pull it off, but he held it on, and kept telling her to breathe deep. At first she said.. "No!" then 2 seconds later, she'd say "No?" but she would keep breathing in deeply..about 1 minute later, she was holding on to the mask, pushing her nose in it, snorting the stuff!! She even was giving it to her stuffed doggy! It was hillarious. She figured out very quickly that the more you breathe, the funnier you feel and she liked it!!!!!
She was tellling him that he had Magic Hands! (she thought the Assistant's Hands were his hands!) At one point she shouted "I'm Dizzy!! Look what I can do with my eyes" and proceeded to spin her eyes around in circles really really fast.. The dentist took one look and covered her eyes, and said, "oh, she has to stop that or I'm going to puke!" I had to leave, my stomache was turning and my palms were sweaty. Although it was funny, I hated seeing her out of control, with her eyes rolling in her head!
Even with the gas, and freezing she still gave a scream when he tried to pull the tooth, so he stopped and froze her again. He said he gave her more freezing than he would for an adult!
The tooth finally came out, and he couldn't believe the infection that came with it. The tooth was covered with stuff and it came out in gobs of gunk from where the tooth was and it bled soo bad! The pus came out for 5 days!!! YUCK
She seems to be feeling better today and seems to be in a much better mood!


Jamie and Angela said...

Poor sweet Lily :( Sorry she had to go through that but glad that it's over. Q had a lot of dental work when he was little and it was kind of funny to see his reaction to the gas. Rachel has an appointment for her first filling in a couple of weeks. She is actually looking forward to it.

my3 kids said...

Awe poor little monkey...sounds like a scary thing for both mom and child to go through. I am glad it's over and I know just how you felt. When Kyle broke his finger they had to give him a shot right between his baby finger and the next one...then they pulled and pulled to pop the finger back into place. I amlost threw up. Take care and Lily is so sweet and growing up so fast.

Anonymous said...

Eww... Remind me to brush my teeth twice tonight... But brave little Lily! At least she got to experience the wonders of laughing gas! And I'm sure she's feeling much, much better now!

geminirn said...

oh poor thing..........I hate the for Nitrous oxide,well it is simply the only way to go.