Monday, April 14, 2008

Couscous Salad

Hi everyone!

I had a couple of requests for the recipe for the couscous salad that I cook with the salmon.

The original recipe came from All (Love love love that site)
But I've made it so often now, that it has taken on a mind of its own, and is now no-where near the original recipe!

So I'll give the link to the original "Greek Couscous Salad"... and I'll give you the recipe that I use off the top of my head.

Take 1 box of couscous and cook it following the directions on the box.
(I use 2 cups couscous to 2 cups water)
(for those of you who have never made couscous, it is equal parts of water to couscous with a little oil, salt and pepper)
While that is cooking, I saute, any veggies I happen to have in the fridge. ( I told you it takes on a mind of its own).
So usually portabello mushrooms, red and yellow peppers (peeled and thinly sliced) and onions all sauted in olive oil. This also depends on what veggies I have cooking with the fish.
At the same time, I par-boil some baby carrots, and broccoli. Once the peppers, onions etc.. are done I add the carrots and broccoli, give them a quick fry all together, then add the couscous and fry altogether for about until the fish is done.
I don't have a side of veggies, as there are a ton in the couscous and with the fish.
I serve it with an Asian Sesame dressing from Kraft. YUM!!!
With this meal, I can usually have supper on the table in 30 mins. (40 mins if I open a bottle of wine).

Shelia...this is for you......
I would highly recommend this wine with dinner... *remember... I DON'T do white wine***
Innominato Toscano 2005
This is my new favorite wine!! Second only to it's cousin....


Sheila said...

Thanks Krista for the recipe, I will try it this week. Oh and the wine. XZ and I will head to town to get a bottle of each. Its never too early to learn about the finer things!!*LOL*Yesterday we had strawberries dipped in dark choc for snack YUMMY!!

geminirn said...

Well I hate cooking...HOWEVER I do enjoy eating ....SO....between you and now Sheila having this recipe....i'm sure ONE OF YOU will have me and the little princess for luch???????????hehe!