Monday, April 28, 2008

I had such a fun fun weekend! 2 girlfriends and I took off Thursday night for Bangor shopping. then Friday we were off to Freeport! We made off like bandits! Such great deals! At one point I started to refuse to buy anything that was over 6.99$ because it was too expensive!! LOL
We headed back to Bangor on Saturday night, and shopped Bangor again for any last minute things.
We got home last night around 9pm.
Of course I didn't come home with much for myself. I didn't see too much in clothing, but I did get myself a nice warm Gap hoodie, and a fitness fleece from LLBean, oh and lots of stuff from Bath and Body.
*** We found out that Bath and Body are opening 2 stores in the Maritimes. One in Halifax for sure and she wasn't sure where the other one was opening, we figured Moncton.

I'll post some pics of my finds and our trip when I get them loaded onto the computer. Lots of things for Lily and Hanlin.


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Oh you lucky girl!! I can't wait to see all the good stuff you got. Great news about B&B. I got a friend who is SERIOUSLY addicted. She travels to California quite often and comes back with one suitcase full of just their stuff!!

geminirn said...

Can't wait to see it all!!!!!

Sophie's Mom said...

You were down in my neck of the woods! (Freeport) Love the deals at the Children's Place there.