Monday, April 21, 2008

What a wild weekend!!!!

First thing first.... Abigail did great, she placed 7th overall, and each of her 4 events were almost flawless. We are so proud of her!!
Since she was part of "Team NB", the whole team stays together at the hotel, and it is a "Hands off" parenting weekend!! We (their parents...who have raised them, cared for them, wiped their butts and fed them all their lives) now have no parental rights over the course of the weekend.

I am slightly......protective... when it comes to my kids, so when I "heard" that they were having their banquet in the same hotel as us, I decided that I needed to take a walk, maybe hit Starbucks for a coffee.... So as I was nonchalantly walking (aka scouring the place for my daughter) I happened to see great friends of mine, Shelia and XZ and Clarence, who were visiting for the weekend. They totally caught me red handed! LOL

Anyway, we all went back to the hotel where XZ and Lily had a swim! (bathing suits not needed!)
What a wonderful surprise, and after the kiddies were in bed, we all had a glass of wine in the hotel foyer. (where we were told by a 19 year old rent a cop, that "if there is alcohol in those glasses, we need to drink it, or go back to our rooms!") Can you imagine??
So we did the mature thing, and downed our wine!! LOL

The following morning, we picked Abigail up at 9:15am, and when I walked into their hotel, I was informed that she had been puking since 8:30am. Well, the "mothering instinct" came back real quick, my elbows went up and I ran through the halls, knocking kids and chaperons over! LOL
The poor little peanut has the flu, and was sick the whole 2 hours drive home... But.. she did give us a 20min reprieve so we could run into Costco!! LOL Fastest 240.00$ ever spent!

She is feeling much better today. She finally ate and had some water. Her chest is so sore and she says it feels like someone is sitting on it. Must be from the dry heaves~~~ cause boy did she heave!!

I'm off to pick up Lily "the Holy Terror" from preschool. I'll fill you in on the rest of the weekend when I get back.

****ok, I'm back, everyone's been fed, Abigail worked on her science project and is resting before it's time to pick up her sister. *****

So I bet your wondering what else could of made this weekend soo exciting....

WELL........ I know your all waiting for this news................................

Dieppe had the largest wine store in the province and we bought a whack of wine! yum yum
heee....heee.... ok, so here is the story that your really waiting for....

We got an update on Hanlin! (or Linlin as his forster mother calls him)!
Because we were in Moncton all weekend, I wasn't able
to get too much information. I did get 2 photos and a little info to hold us over. But last night, I was able to msn with our friend in PEI, whose husband is in Beijing with business.
The visit with Hanlin went really well. He was able to webcam the whole thing, and they sent it to us last night, along with a few more pictures.

He looks the same, just more "mature". LOL He is soo sweet! You can really tell he is well loved and cared for, his skin is clear, he looks healthy, well dressed, active, curious... I sobbed and sobbed when I saw him, and then he spoke.. well.....I SOBBED....... what a beautiful voice!
We've been told that the foster mother loves him dearly, and is sad that he is leaving them, but is very happy that he is being adopted. When ever she thinks about him leaving she starts to cry. She would like to have more information on our f
amily to help him adjust to leaving, and coming with us. She said she would like him to be familiar with us and she would like to work with us to help achieve this.
They said they have lots of stories to tell us about him, and that sometimes he says things that awe them! LOL They said he is very good and they love him dearly. The foster mother wanted to make sure I knew that he loves shrimp and fish! She wanted to know if and at what age he would go to daycare and to preschool. (no daycare for this kid!!) LOL
I'll post the 2 pics we received last night. The others all have the foster mom in them and I don't feel comfortable posting them.
These photos were taken on Saturday!

My glory he is cute!!Yes, his hand is in someone's purse...... He rummaged through that purse throughout the video. LOL

and here he is... checking out her visa card he found in the purse... he is memorizing the #'s !
Yup, Lily and Hanlin will get along great!!


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

OMG! I'm crying! How wonderful to see him and hear him and know his Foster Mom loves him so much. How wonderful that she wants to share the information of your family with him and help him prepare for his new life in Canada. You are so fortunate. You will have four wonderful children. A wonderful family. Life is good!!!!

Darrel and Karen said...

Wow, what a great information. You must be sooo excited, the pictures are amazing, he is soo cute!! He is going to have a bunch of girls chasing him for sure... LOL!!!

geminirn said...


And glad to hear that your wkend went well and you enjoyed time with the B family,great job Abigail!!!

Jamie and Angela said...

Oh my, he is absolutely gorgeous!! What an adorable little boy. I want to hear his voice! It must be so reassuring to know that he is so well-loved, and that his foster mom wants to help him with the transition. I'm so happy for you that you were able to get all this info.

Poor Abigail, stomach flu is the worst, glad she is feeling better.

Barbara & Mike said...

WOW!!! He is sooo sweet!! Hard to believe it's all happening so fast, updates, pictures, video... and who would have thought you would meet the B's at the hotel, weird or what?? Can't wait to see more of your new son.

The Sweeney's
(traveled with Miss M to China group 253)

LadyBug Journals said...

Oh dear !
He is so handsome Krista !
Wow ....oh wow ....the news you have been waiting for. He sure looks loved !
Hang in there kiddo ....he'll be with you in no time.
Going back to see his little face.
What a terrific friend in Beijing !
Congrats !

LadyBug Journals said...

Gosh, he is sure cute !
Can't wait to talk !

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a weekend! If Monday morning journal writing is a tradition in the girl's classes, they would have had lots to write today! Congrats to Abigail, and hope she is over the bug by now. And that little man - what a guy! Adorable! What a treat to see his face again. I can't imagine how excited the five of you must be! Can't wait to follow this journey.
Nancy in Quispam

Just Us Girls said...

he is GORGEOUS!!!!! how exciting and emotional...

I am so ecxited and happy for you all...


Sheila said...

WHAT A SWEETIE! I can't wait for you to get that cutie home!! Him and Lily will have a blast! I am so glad that you have been given all of this great information, hopefully it make your wait go faster!

Thanks for the great conversation and wine. Oh and Frank THANKS so much for coming to my rescue.*LOL*
XZ had a great time in the pool with you and the girls. Sh estill laughs about no bathing suit! Yeap poor mommy when she reaches 16!!!

Briana's Mom said...

He is ADORABLE!!! Oh my gosh! Soooo handsome!

He already knows how to use a credit card - watch out! LOL!

Lisa, Pierre, Marika,Karelle & ??? said...

He is SUCH a cutie !!! Sooo neat that you were able to get a video of him !

Glad you had a great week-end and well its too bad we were not able to connect.. .hopefully next time for sure....


my3 kids said...

What a handsome son you have. Gosh he is adorable. So excited for you guys:)