Monday, March 22, 2010

YEAH!!!! I'M HOME!!!!

...and almost over my jetlag!!! Man, I hate jetlag! Last night, by 9pm I couldn't keep my eyes open, and Abigail and Isabelle put me to bed!! But by 5am I was wide awake!! grrr...
Hopefully tonight I will stay up till 9:30pm and sleep in a bit longer.. fingers crossed!

My trip was AMAZING! We made so many new connections that will help so many children in the future. We're refreshed with lots of ideas and we will continue to make Gracie's Room a better place with renewed energy!!

Here are more pictures of the amazing trip!!

Skyping with my kids!! They could see me but not hear me, and I could hear them but not see them..

this incredible piece of technology was in our bathroom in Beijing!
The toliet seat cover lifted when you entered the room and it did things that I'm pretty sure is illegal in some states!!

Yumm...Fish with sprinkles... yes, sprinkles like the ones on a birthday cake.
It seemed that sprinkles are quite popular this year!

We went out for breakfast in Dianjiang to this little spot that makes thier own tofu.
This is a soybean crusher..
It is served hot in a bowl with water and you add your toppings to it.
Toppings included chives, chili peppers, garlic, MSG, goat ribs, sesame seed paste..
I did mention this was breakfast right???

Goat ribs just waiting to be cooked for breakfast..

Some babies just loved to cuddle...

others... not so much!! lol
I scared this poor little soul!
guess you can't win them all over!

this little sweetheart is waiting for her forever family to arrive this summer!!
She was blowing kisses!

The nursery at Lily's Orphan Care Centre at Luo He


Mammarazzi Madness said...

When are you inviting us over to see all the pics ?? lol
Krista, thanks so much for sharing this with us.
What a wonderful experience .
Will more rooms be opened ?

Stephanie said...

Welcome home! Glad you had such a great experience!

So what's with the toilets in China? - from down right nasty and not tp (picture below) to hi-tech cleanliness! lol

Call sometime when life gets back to normal

Kris said...

wow. i'm just in awe of all that you're doing. and i think this is the 1st time i've seen a pic of YOU!

geminirn said...

Welcome home and thanks for sharing,love all the wonderful photos..........and hell what's with the fancy washroom showers....certainly not the same type of shower i experienced in my first wash room our first day in Beijing...WINK..lmao!