Friday, July 2, 2010


Like always, we celebrated Canada Day with my sister in Grand Bay! The kids got lots of treats, and prizes and food! Then we headed back to my sister's house for more food, drinks and lots of swimming!!
The older girls are staying with Barb till Sunday... hmm...maybe that isn't such a good idea.. she is a very bad influence!! LOL

Lily is feeling a bit better, we ended with a tooth emergency earlier in the week!
She very suddenly started having an incredible amount of pain in the tooth that was still abscessed (her appt wasn't till July 7th to have it removed) but we had been hoping to get in on a cancellation.
I called our dentist and he took her in right away, and once he saw the tooth he said it needed to come out immediately! So after some fast phone calls to the Dental Association to find out who had access to Nitrous Oxide and how fast could she get in to see them...our wonderful dentist had an appointment for us in 2 hours with the Dental Surgeon.
They were absolutely wonderful with her, they wrapped her in a blanket, sang songs to her till she was well sedated, and while they worked on her, they sang songs. I almost cried! They were so kind and caring and knew that she had suffered so much trauma and pain already, and took every precaution to make her feel calm. She didn't even whimper!
She is still having some pain where the tooth was, but that is normal as the infection was pretty bad and it will take a few days to clear itself out. When she got home from the surgeon's she started to eat some soft foods, and by the time her mouth was not frozen, she had eaten 4 helpings of supper, pudding, ice cream and a fruit smoothie!
She hadn't been eating well for the last few weeks because it hurt, but she would never tell me that she was in pain. sigh..
I'm happy this has been taken care of and now we can have fun and relax the rest of the summer!


Jamie and Angela said...

Poor Lily! She's been through so much, hope all her tooth troubles are behind her now. I can't believe how much older Hanlin looks!

Fav tante Cheryl said...

glad Lilys better. Looks like u had tons of fun with Barb.
I will call u in the next day or so.
PS did Frank get lucky??HeeHee

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista - I've joined the world of bloggers - off to China for our Homeland Tour on Thursday.
Nancy in Q.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry; it's Cheryl that's the bad influence ;)