Saturday, July 10, 2010

I gave Abigail my camera, (with strict instructions to keep the strap around her neck), and told her to think about the angles and perspective of the image she was trying to capture.. then sent her loose!
and she came back with these..

Then she and her sister needed a rest!
Still Daddy's little girls!


cheryl said...

Wow she has the EYE !!!! Mabey I will live out my National geographic photographer dream through her!!

Anonymous said...

Those are very nice shots... Now she just needs her own camera so you don't have to worry about her dropping yours.

Sampsons said...


The website is try it out, it's very cool.


geminirn said...

Hey great shots!Looks like a fantastic place and the food sounds yummmmmmyyyy!!My hips are getting even wider just reading about!