Monday, July 19, 2010

Lily got sick while we were away. Fever for 2 days.. So we rested on the beach in a hammock! She must of slept like that for 2 hours, while Hanlin played on the beach making castles.


Debbie said...

So Sweet!

God's Grace said...

Hi Krista, first, your kids are adorable! too cute! And I was left a comment on my blog about a week or so ago. You said you had contact with your son's foster family in Tianjin. How exactly did you do that? My daughter is with a foster family and I'm trying to have direct contact with her without upsetting anyone. I did send my email address in the letter I wrote but it seems to have been ignored. Maybe the translater left that out? My email is God Bless You! Terry ps. I've been craving a trip to Canada!