Saturday, July 10, 2010

We got up this morning and Frank headed off on his bike in search of some eggs! Meanwhile, I gave into the whining and let the rest of them go swimming while we waited. He came back later not just with eggs, but with chocolate croissants and almond croissants...oh my god..
The older girls and I jumped into the car and took off for the pastry shop he found! Then we came back with even more!!!!!!! This wonderful magical small shop bakes their own bread (artisan bread) and croissants, makes all their own terrines, and pates, has the biggest selection of goat cheese AND sells specialty beers! I swear it was like it was designed for my family!
We didn't eat till almost noon, but my god it was good!
We had fresh berries, orange juice, lattes, croissants, danish, cheese, bacon, chocolate walnut bread, eggs.. and a bigger butt on me!

then we all headed back down to the beach for even more sun and water!! (and chocolate and wine!)

I got the "life guard" post.. aka..chasing after Lily when she tries to swim on her own! BUT it came with a glass of wine, so I didn't care too much!

well I guess the job came with some drawbacks...
spilled wine!!

This beach is beautiful.. soft soft sand everywhere you walk and its only chest deep at the raft! It's crystal clear and soo warm! Even I went in!
More pics to follow....


cheryl said...

Hey did you buy that suit here???
well I have the same one...and you look DAMN GOOD in it..

cheryl said...

OOHH MY EYES!!! Frank needs to get some sun!!!!!
I would LOVE to have a breakfast like that in Bali...Banana pancakes do get old...

Anonymous said...

Wait... Franky's not wearing a shirt? Oh... I thought he was... But Lily looks like she's having fun!