Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They have Kayaks that we are able to use here at the cottage..
(oh some people e-mailed me asking where we are..)
we're in Quebec's cottge country, In the Lanaudiere area.. in some itty bitty place called St. Alponse-Rodriguez, which is next to St. Beatrix, St. Damien, or St. Matha!!
we're surrounding by so many Saints that I don't think we'll have to attend church for a long time!

I love going on the kayaks! Great work out on the arms!
sugar comes along with everytime and she loves it!


fav Sister Cheryl said...

wow what a cool little dog!!!!where ever did you get her!!!!haha
Nice chatting with you

Anonymous said...

Now wgat do you think Sugar would do if you tipped that kayak? But she does look very cute :)
Hope you guys are having fun!

geminirn said...

Love the photos......enjoy!