Saturday, April 28, 2007

Arizona Day 4!

Hello hot hot Hello!!

Holy freaking Hottness batman!! I love the heat, and even this is too hot for me!
You can sit in the sun for about 5 mins, and then have to run to the shade. I am getting "brown" but very slowly. I am being very careful, as it would be so easy to burn to a crisp in about 10mins.
Actually, it's soo hot that even my dad went into the pool just now, we all ran to get our cameras!
I haven't hit the pool yet, it has to be even hotter than this for me to get in the water. Because it's soo hot the water seems very very cold. (put your feet in and it gives you a headache in your feet cold)LOL
I'm sure it would feel refreshing, but so does a margarita in my hand!

We went into the Sonorian desert yesterday. It was so beautiful. We drove along side a mountain
on a very narrow road, that had rocks on one side and death on the other side. Death was about a 200 foot drop straight down!!
I thought my mom was going to have another stroke! LOL It was very scary, the road was full of hairpin
turns and was only 1 lane. I have some great video!

Today Cheryl and I are taking a jewelry making class. Isabelle and Abigail are right into glass bead braclets, and I have no idea how to make them. so I'm taking a class for them! LOL

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