Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi y'all

The sun is still shining here...go figure..
Yesterday we went horseback riding in the desert. Very beautiful, and a lot of fun. My rear-end is a bit sore today! LOL
Today is Monday, April 30th we are taking it easy. I am going to give mom a pedicure and maybe work on my tan a bit. I think today is an 11:30am Margarita day!! HEE HEE hey, I'm on vacation aren't I??

Cheryl and I went shopping last night and bought up a whack of glass beads and lockets etc.. for the girls to
make braclets and earrings.. I still have some "little" things to pick up for them. (and for lu, and louise, and Mary and and Trina.. and..and .. hee hee hee).

We might be going to Flagstaff tomorrow overnight. I think Mom and Dad are staying here. It's a bit hard on Mom travelling in the car for 2 or 3 hours.
Hopefully later in the week we are going to a science museum to see a German Artist that used human cadavors
as his art. It had caused quite a stir when he first opened in Germany. These people donated thier bodies
for art. WOW.

I am missing the kids terribly, Frank says that Lily is talking up a storm and is asking for mommy. awww


geminirn said...

Sounds like a GREAT holiday,glad to hear it,you certainly deserve it.

LadyBug Journals said...

Enjoy the warm today.
It's cold here !
Bring back a peice of the sun , won't you?