Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tea time

What's dessert without a "cuppa " tea??
Frank and I had chinese tea....the girls had Chamomile tea....

I collect tea pots and tea cups and we always have different cups with different teas.


Lisa & Pierre said...

I love that you collect tea pots, its so cute to see everyone drinking from their cups !

I really enjoy your blog Krista and was sooo happy to finaly meet you last week-end !


Our Little Miracles said...

What a sweet pic of Lily drinking tea! Is that the set you bought in China?


Krista said...

No Carrie that isn't the set. Although we do use it often, I have it put away in the china cabinet.

geminirn said...

IF we ever get to China i will have to get tips from you before purchasing a set of our own.

LadyBug Journals said...

I love the tea pot and cups.
Think I'll dig mine out and have a cuppa tomorrow.
Krista, how would you feel if we all got together in the next two weeks for a nice spring walk. Perhaps dig out the strollers and hit one of the parks or the downtown area. Of course, a pit stop at Timmy's might be in the cards as well.
Happy Easter !

Krista said...

Sounds good to me!!
I'll send out an e-mail! Lets hope the snow is gone!