Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hi guys,
I thought I would post a couple of messages for people from here, since Cheryl's computer is very old
and it keeps shutting down on me when I open up my e-mail.

Sorry to hear that Ava had the flu again! That sucks. I was wondering where you were as I tried to get
ahold of you to meet up for coffee a couple of times.
You should of dropped by before I left, I was packed in about 15 mins. then watched TV. LOL
Do you want anything from here? I am bringing back goodies for everyone, but do you want any thing
special that we can only get in the states? I am bringing back some more Geber treats and Welch's
dried fruit treats.
As for cheesy lasagne?? ummm.. not sure, you might have to talk to frank. He "seems" to have things under control. He said to me last night "you only have time to cook, clean and watch kids, nothing else" God I loved those words!! My mission is complete! LOL
Talk to you later

Thank god for you blog, it is the only way I can get to my blog for some reason. LOL
Moya (from Dianjiang international) e-mailed me with a pictures from the orphanage and that the CCAI
was there doing training. I will go to my brother in law's work tomorrow to post them onto the DJ international website.
Hopefully I will also be able to post pictures onto my blog from there.
Talk soon


Lu said...

TOO HOT FOR YOU!? I think hell is freezing over. I never thought those words would ever be uttered by you...not regarding food and especially not regarding the weather!

Actually, i can think of one thing i'd like for you to keep on eye out for. HOw about a small keychain/knickknack that i can turn into my christmas ornament for this year? Any cactus ones or tumbleweed ones out there? LOL...

How many more days are you away? it sounds like you're having so much fun there. How is your mom making out in this heat?!

Keep posting...i love the updates on your trip. hug your parents for me and tell Cheryl I said hi (hug her too if you'd like lol)

- xo

Mama Of 2 said...

Thanks Krista! Looking forward to seeing the pics...BUT, I forget the link??? Are you able to post it or is it password protected?

Keep cool LOL!