Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello from Dianjiang!

We have had a very very busy few days! We still do not have internet connection very often, and my computer won't pick up any signal here at all. So I am using Moya's right now.

We leave this morning for Chongqing so I'll be back online then and will send lots of pics.

Yesterday we were able to visit with 5 foster kids with their foster parents. 4 of these children have families waiting for them. We took lots video and photos for them.

We also got to visit one of the homes. It was beautiful! I was really surprised. From the outside, you would never guess, but once you walked inside, it was spacious and clean and open and beautiful. The children were well loved and were happy sweet babies!!
The directors brought us out to lunch...again...more shots/toasts...again (my poor liver...) and the also brought us to the celebration of a yellow flower that is in full bloom all over the country side. 20,000 people walked through the fields just over the weekend..It was amazing. THat is where we had our lunch, in a little country side make shift yard, the people who live in the area, put tables out in their yards and transform their houses into mini restaurants.

It was incredible...very traditional food and awesome. One was a sweet potato dish, that was fried with sugar...yum and the other was a sticky rice dish that tasted like brown sugar, it had bacon and dates in it!! Yum yum.
We have really gotten to know the 2 directors and the assistant and also the woman in charge of the foster care program and 2 of the head nannies. THey are very fun loving people and love to joke around with each other and us!! You should see some of the photos...hilarious!


geminirn said...

Thanks for the update,sounds like a wonderful group to be travelling with.Hope the rain clears.

Mammarazzi Madness said...

Love all of your pictures. Take lots and give us a slideshow when you get back. Oh yes, and kiss all those babies too !
Andrea and Alycat

Kris said...

how awesome!!!