Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wow, Well here I am, on route to beijing! So for the day has gone really really well. The flight out of Fredericton was 40 mins late, and that made for a very quick stop in Toronto. I grabbed an outrageously priced chicken sandwich and some fruit juice.. (sorry girls, no Pumas for you anymore, spent all my money on the food at the airport) ;)

and then grabbed my flight to Beijing.

There is no one in the seat beside me! yeah, more leg space and computer space!!

Flying without children is very relaxing! Who knew?? I must really try this more often!

I know I should be sleeping right now, as its 6;50pm Canada time, but I’m not very tired.

The plane isn’t very packed and is pretty quiet so I’m going to sign off and get some sleep.

Girls I hope your had a good day today. Hanlin and Lily, how was school??

Daddy? are you keeping up to them??

Love you all


I’ve arrived safe and sound!! I even got some sleep and feel really good! I actually think I’m on Beijing time.. It’s 6:10pm so 6am for you guys back at home. I am still trying to find Moya, I ran around the airport looking for the business centre for the wireless connection number, and after an hour I did find it, but good lord, it was about a 30min walk and now that I’m back at my gate, the darn thing won’t work... grr.. so I can’t get this onto the blog today!! Bummer!! I was really hoping to let the kids know that I’ve arrived.

I finally did find Moya, actually, she found me, I walked right by her, I was soo busy trying to get back to the Business centre!!

We headed the 30 min hike back to our gate, and I was able to send off 1 e-mail to frank before I lost my connection!!

Our plane to Zhengzhou was 1.5 hours long and pretty uneventful!! I read most of my book.

It is freezing cold here, and I’m now second guessing my decision to take out the extra 2 sweaters from my suitcase!! Oh well, I’ll just have to buy a new one!! lol

I’ve managed to find out that there is no Starbucks here in this city... grr..

We are now at the hotel, and we have internet connection in the room, but it’s very very slow..

I am taking my computer to the orphanage with me tomorrow and hope to capture some video of the kids to post! Although I’m not sure how to get it from Imovies to the blog???

Any one know how???


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Stephanie said...

Hope all goes well for you tommorrow (I guess thats today now, seeing as it's coming on morning for you there...). Find a Starbucks yet?

thanks for the directions mom. I didn't know how to find my way to the Golden Hawk. lol